1944 Case LA – Tractor Restoration Project

Tractor when found in original setting

Tractor when found in original setting

Here is a tribute to my farm-girl roots.

My mom was raised on a farm in Montana. My dad was raised on a farm in Alberta, CAN. Even though I’ve been staunchly “off the farm” since I turned 18, I still have my farm-girl roots, and so does my Dad.

This is the exact model of tractor my dad grew up with on his farm in Alberta. Several years ago, while poking around on an abandoned homestead in Fort Benton, MT, we came across this tractor. I believe that I was perhaps 18 or 19 at the time? Anyway, there is a photo somewhere from that trip of Dad with this same tractor all rusted out.

Long story short, he purchased it, hauled it across the state, and re-built the thing from the ground up. Ironically enough? His twin brother (not pictured in this blog) found the exact same model of tractor, and is restoring his 1944 Case LA as well. This happened completely without any info or comments from my Dad – they independently embarked on the same journey, hundreds of miles away. (Inject comment here about the magic of identical twins.)

So Dad, I’m proud of you. Well done, you’ve completed this amazing journey, and the tractor looks fantastic! Congratulations.

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