Abandoned Mining Settlment. Neihart, Montana



I love abandoned structures. Have I said this before? I’ve tried to decide exactly why it is that they are so intriguing to me. I think that one facet is the history, both the known and unknown. The other thing that I love about abandoned structures is the interaction between human elements and the natural elements that takes place as the one melds into the other.

Recently, a friend took me exploring through some cabins and abandoned structures near Neihart, MT. As we were hiking up to the site, thunder started echoing in the distance, and by the time we arrived at the main attraction, we were both drenched. Unfortunately, we were not able to shoot as many exterior photos as we had intended. However, it was the interiors that were simply fantastic anyway!

Enclosed are just a few shots, first of an outlying cabin/shed, and then of the interior of one of the larger mining homes.

Gosh this was just such a cool set to shoot. More images soon, and I hope to add some more historical info. Thanks for reading!
Neihart-5566 Neihart-5567 Neihart-5569 Neihart-5577 Neihart-5579 Neihart-5580 Neihart-5585 Neihart-5593 Neihart-5600 Neihart-5601 Neihart-5602 Neihart-5603 Neihart-5604


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