Abandoned Structure. Valier, Montana

Perhaps it’s because I read “Little House on the Prairie” as a child, or perhaps it’s because my Montana roots originated on a remote homestead near Fort Benton, MT… or perhaps I read the “Little House” books BECAUSE of my roots. Either way, I’ve always been fascinated by abandoned buildings, especially ones I could imagine Ma Ingalls standing in the doorway, waiting for Pa to come in from the field. I’m intrigued to imaging the type of people who may have inhabited or used the structures, and ponder at the history of why it is now sitting abandoned.

This past Memorial Day weekend I took a road trip through eastern Montana, and allowed myself the luxury of stopping along the way to engage with whatever scenery I might find. This particular structure neat Valier Montana was one of the findings that allowed me to play with it via photographic composition.  It especially intrigued me because of its positioning at the top of a hill, and the magnificent view it would have had from all sides.

I hope you enjoy taking a short journey with me.


FWP_4050 FWP_4053composite FWP_4064 FWP_4071 FWP_4073 FWP_4074 FWP_4075 FWP_4081 FWP_4088 FWP_4089


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