Tea Party!

This past Tuesday, I had such a great time with this absolutely precious 6 month old baby girl and her beautiful Mommy!

Vintage Tea Party

Mom and I decided on having a “Vintage Tea Party” photo-shoot for baby E’s 6 month old photos. I LOVE 6 months! It’s such a perfect age for portraits; they are old enough to sit up o

n their own (mostly) but not yet crawling, and SO excited about whatever is going on around them! Rarely do I shoot a 6 month old that can last with smiles and attention for a full hour photo-shoot, but baby E was an ANGEL.

The “tea party” set was a bit thrown together at the last minute, as I came down with a cold a couple days before. My lovely assistant Jolie was awesome putting together props and looks, and we are super duper grateful for our friendly ladies at the Shops at Station 8  in Columbia Falls MT who lent us some of our “tea party” styling items! It came together so great and was a spectacular collaborative effort. (I think Jolie worked harder than I did, making it all happen!) 😉

Anyways, I hope you enjoy our Vintage Tea Party set!

6 month old girl black and white6 month old DivaMother and Daughter6 month old girl in pink6 month old girl in pink


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