Pruett House Bed and Breakfast

Yesterday I had the pleasure of shooting this lovely Bed and Breakfast location, the Pruett House Bed and Breakfast in Eureka, MT. Built originally in 1908, this home was renovated recently. For the past 4 years it has been a Bed and Breakfast.

I love this home. My husband and I stayed here once, loved it, and at the time I was thinking “I would love to shoot this beautiful home”. 6 months later, I ran into Joan Pruett, and she hired me to shoot the house!

Probably the most challenging part of the entire shoot was the kitchen. Joan has a lovely, large commercial kitchen as she loves to cook gourmet breakfasts for her guests. My challenge was balancing the light. The large windows on the right hand side of the photo give off a lot of blueish daylight, and the incandescent lighting gives that warm glow. However, the wall opposite of those windows is an interior wall, so there are no windows on that side. It looks lovely and bright to the naked eye, but when trying to photograph an area like this, it is crucial to add extra light in the dark corner.

For this shoot, I had utilized nikon’s CLS system with my on camera flash triggering up to 3 speedlights placed in key areas of each room. For most of the shoot, I had been able to bounce my speedlights off of the high, white ceilings, but not so in this room! The tin ceiling is metallic and textured, so although it is highly reflective, it is not good for bouncing flash as the light catches the texture and “scatters” instead of having a defined and predictable “bounce”. Since the ceiling is so reflective, it catches ever bit of color of the incandescent overhead lights, as well as the daylight-temperature light from the flash. (In retrospect, this is where having orange gels on hand for my lights would have been helpful…. Rats! I left them at home!)

Anyways, I finally was able to get this shot by utilizing a large umbrella on one key light to the left and above my camera, and one speedlight set on a very low setting at the end of the counter to give definition to the brick cubby area on the far wall. The stainless steel refrigerators were very tough as well as they reflected every little bit of light I fired at them!

I am happy with the results of this shoot, nonetheless. Love this kitchen, and I would love to have one anywhere near this spectacular!


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