London At Night

We were in London during the week between Christmas and New Years of 2012. We took the train down from Leeds at o-dark thirty, and took the late train back, making it a full day trip.

Thanks to my brother-in-law, we efficiently saw “as much of London as was humanly possible”.  Here are  my favorite night shots. (Thank you to various members of extended family hooking me up with an excellent rental tripod: because of you, these photos look AWESOME.)

We happened to find our way into the shopping district for part of the evening. The crowds were huge, as all the big sales were still on. I love the way the crowds look in those long exposures.

The last thing I will say about this, was that even though I was toting around my expensive camera on top of a tripod, I did not feel at all unsafe in those huge crowds! London just felt very safe to me. And I’m sure the presence of my 6’2″ Brother-in-Law helped a bit with that too.


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