Birch Trees

On my way home from a session These crinkly birch trees caught my eye by the side of the road. I decided to do a quick exploration of their form as just a cluster of white trees amidst a dark evergreen forest.

When I was a child, my parents initially were sending us to a private Christian school. I remember one family vacation in the van; my brother and sister were both asleep and I was quietly listening to my parents’ conversation in the front seat. They were contemplating an upcoming family move as my Dad was changing his job. Of course, the move would mean leaving the Christian school and going to a different town.

I remember my Mother mentioning to my Dad how trees grown sheltered in a greenhouse can fall over when exposed to harsh climates suddenly, but trees that grow in the wild grow up stronger. They might not grow straight; they might be bent by the wind, but they can survive better than if a sheltered tree was suddenly transplanted to a harsh environment.

That metaphor was her reasoning of why they should pull us kids out of the private school, but I think it can apply to much more than that. Even though I was just a child (7 years old) the wisdom of that conversation struck me then, and has stuck with me to this day.

I think of it when I come across trees like this.