New Lens: 10-20mm Wide Angle Lens

I’ve been playing around with my new lens in preparation for a Bed and Breakfast photo shoot. I’ve never had a high quality, super wide angle lens before, so it’s really opening up my eyes to some new possibilities!

I’m really happy with the results of last nights test shots. I shot these with my tripod, 100 ISO, the f 8-11 range, and a full 5 second exposure with timed shutter release to reduce camera shake. It’s amazing the different effect you get at night! This particular location is a feed store: rather industrial and not necessarily a place that during the daytime would be noted for it’s aesthetics. However, at night with the long exposure and wide angle, I’m really liking the dramatic lighting, deep hues, and star effect around the light sources.

Perhaps I’ll have to negotiate some evening shots with the B and B owner….

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Thoughts? Suggestions? Comments? Advice? The majority of my experience is in portrait photography, so I’m definitely open to advice!


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