Oh, Deer!

OH, DEER! Hiking in Glacier National Park last Sunday, my husband and I suddenly stumbled across this deer grazing just a few feet from the path. The wildlife up there is so used to people that it was not at all intimidated by me; I actually was able to get these shots with my 50mm portrait lens.

I did feel a little bad invading his dinner. The snow line is so low this year that wildlife is being forced down into the lower regions of the park to find food, and as you can see from his sides he’s not exactly plump after the long winter. It didn’t stop me from snapping these shots, though. (Along with a few random others.)

My husband and I ALSO saw a mother grizzly followed by her two cubs (about a year old). He said, “Quick, grab your camera!” and I said, “It’s not worth it, grab your bear spray!” as they ambled across the path in front of us. I’ve lived in the Flathead Valley for 10 years, frequent Glacier National Park often, and this was my FIRST time seeing grizzlies. But that’s slightly irrelevant as I don’t have any photos of them. (It happened, I swear!)


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