The great thing about Montana…

THE GREAT THING ABOUT MONTANA is that you can see a vibrant rainbow like this on your drive home from work, pull over, and capture it no problem.


I don’t know what to call this one…. web design maybe?

My cousin graduated high school this year, and I traveled half way across the state to take her senior portraits. It rained the whole time I was there!

In the process of this damp and windy session, we were taking some shots out in a field with umbrellas, and I happened to glance down at this perfectly water-beaded spiderweb in the grass. It was a surprisingly beautiful moment to capture, and it has become one of my favorite nature shots.

From Yesterday to Today: Conley Folding Cameras


My Great-Grandfather, Howard Gessaman, was born in Indiana in 1889 and moved to Montana to homestead in 1910. I’m not sure exactly what model this camera is, but it is a Conley folding camera with (as you can see from the photo)  a Conley Safety lens. The camera has a folding bellows and is approximately 18′ from lens to the back cover when unfolded. The above photo was a classic moment to capture: me discovering Great Grandpa’s vintage camera with my compact Nikon digital slr
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Family: Summer 2010

FOR EVERY GREAT SHOT I GET there are about 50 that don’t make the cut. Not so with this little girl! This series is one of my favorites, because it really captures her real personality, and she has SO much personality to spread around! She’s a relative of mine that I don’t see all that much anymore, but we spent a summer together when she was just a toddler so she’s super special to me.

She LOVES the camera! When I went to visit for a family reunion last summer, she followed me around most of the time saying “Sharilyn, take my picture! Take a picture of me, Sharilyn!” Who could resist?